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Behind The Scene♥

May. 27th, 2008 | 01:32 am
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Title: Behind The Scene
Rating: pg-13
Summary: Before the Davids Duet. Inside a dressing room. Don't think dirty. All in seven minutes.
Disclaimer: I don't own them, but I do own the right to fantasize bout them.

A/N: Okies. So It's my first time writing a fic. I want some critiques, if possible. I know there's a lot of grammar problems that I'm to blind to
see. I apologize for that. There might be some confusing parts with the Davids. I'm sorry 'bout that too. And I tend to go off topic...
So about the story, I got inspired from this picture. I ended up bugging me for two days before I gave in and did a picture of it. Then after the sketch I wanted a fanfic, so umm yea, here it is.
Enough of my useless rambles, Enjoy!


David was having a quick break in his own tiny dressing room, his makeup artist refreshing his makeup. Both David's had been given the privilege to one since they were the top two. The other top 12 were resting in the resting room, probably discussing who would win. They had been so busy that only a few "hi's" and "morning's" were exchanged before beginning their final rehearsal.

Both of them had been rehearsing for the finale and for the guitar hero commercial. He blushed at the thought of Cook without his pants and staring down at him and his almost equal nakedness. The makeup artist who had been applying some lip balm on his lips laughed and told him that he didn't have to be shy about his lips, they were great. David blushed and gave a small laugh but didn't dare to tell her that he was blushing because of his dirty thoughts of Cook.

Pushing Cook out of his head wondered why he was so calm, considering the fact that the next American Idol winner was to be announced in the fifteen minutes. Just as the makeup artist had finished there was a knock on the door.

Archuleta looked towards the door for a second thinking he misheard. He gave the clock a quick glance. There was still four more minutes until he was to go on stage.

The makeup artist, who had finished packed up, opened the door revealing Cook. He looked great as usual with a stripped bow tie and collared shirt-was that eyeliner?!

Cook who seemed to have read David's mind chuckled at him. He was so easy to read. "Yes Archie, It's eyeliner I'm wearing."

David blushed and looked down, not knowing what to say. His eyes looked back up to see Cook closing the door and leaning against it. There as a small comfortable silence before Cook decided to break it.

"Archie. You know....it's been a way for both of us." There was a slight pause. David slowly nodded for Cook to continue.

"I just want you to know that you're amazing. Every time you sing, it's almost like there's a light shining down on you."

"T-thanks. I really um... appreciate it. Y-You're great too." David kicked at himself for stuttering like a high school girl who just received a love confession.

"No matter who wins, we'll still be brothers right?" David gave Cook a genuine smile, even though he felt weird when Cook said 'brothers'.

"Of course we'll be."

There was a relieved look on Cook's face after he said that. David was happy to see Cook relax.

'Rumbleish Growwwl....'

Cook's face went from relaxing to a full blown grin, then to a loud chuckle. David blushed for a few seconds before reaching towards the suddenly very tempting strawberries. He slowly bit into it, some juice sliding down his lips. Still holding the strawberry in his mouth, he stood from his chair to get a Kleenex but stopped as he saw a hungry gaze looking at him. And his lips.

David Archuleta. Because he was David Archuleta, he was innocent and naive. And because he was naive he had the ability to manipulate an very innocent and simple question to something oh so very un-innocent without even realizing it.

"Do you want some?"

David, of course had meant the strawberry. Cook's brain knew that but decided to ignore the actual meaning and register some other naughty

meaning that can't be discussed because this fic is rated pg-13.

"Fuck brothers." David looked at Cook in confusion and fear as he practically ran towards him.

Before he could say anything, there was a pair of lips against the side of his mouth. Those wonderfully soft lips were lightly sucking the juice that was dripping down his lips. David couldn't help but moan at the touches. Cook took that as a good sign and took a small nibble on the strawberry before pushing it into his mouth. His tongue swirled inside his caverns feeling the sweet, tangy taste of the strawberry.

David never knew that french kisses could be so delicious until now. He twirled his left hand into Cook's hair while his right hand undid the bow tie. He let out a small gasp when he felt a pair of hands going up his shirt, but enjoyed it anyway.


"David? Are you there? You have to get to stage right now! We have less than a minute! Have you seen the other David? We can't find him and he needs to get to the stage right now!"

Both of them reluctantly broke the kiss for a few gasps of air. David looked towards the door before answering

"I'll be out right now and Cookie's with me. We were just talking about penguins." hoping that his breath didn't sound uneven. He heard Cook trying to stifle his laugh. It sank in that penguins perhaps wasn't the best excuse to use.

"...Okay....Anyways, I expect you to be out on stage in 40 seconds."

Both David's stayed still, waiting for the footsteps to fade before trying to make themselves to look decent. Cook didn't know how to redo his bow tie left it hanging. Archie who looked worried tried to help him, but also ended up in failure.

"It's okay Archie, we'll finish up later. It'll be one less thing to take off."

With that said Cook grabbed David's hand and pulled him towards the stage.



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